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Simply faster and more efficient.

TopsWorks Features

Simply faster and more efficient.

TopsWorks offers users unsurpassed functionality for constructing sheet metal parts suitable for production and process. The ability of exporting data from SOLIDWORKS into GEO-formats as well as importing GEO-files into SOLIDWORKS, offers a flexibility which can be used in a profitable manner especially by manufacturers.

TopsWorks increases the time and cost efficient production of sheet metal parts utilizing a number of intelligent tools. The user can utilize a table editor in order to edit his own user specific tables next to an application programming interface for automated repetition processes.

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An Overview Of Important Features

TopsWorks is seamlessly integrated into SolidWorks and provides fast and productive methods of operation through an easy to learn and intuitive to use and operable user interface.

TopsWorks directly accesses the databases of the TruTops production systems TruTops Punch and TruTops Bend. All production relevant data, including the flat projection, are already available during the construction process. Construction and production use a uniform data pool which helps to avoid deficient products, reduces the number of patterns, thus highly reducing the processing time by increasing flexibility.

The bends of SolidWorks sheet metal parts are analyzed in regard to thickness, bend type and angle. Here the corresponding parameters like material and tools are provided by the TruTops Bend database. Based on these parameters bends are edited regarding radius and shortening values of the technology database.

This ensures that the sheet metal part flattenings are suitable for production. TopsWorks allows the insertion of punch features based on data of the TruTops Punch database. That way tool information is accessible during construction.
For a range of punch features, TruTops-specific parameters can be transferred into a GEO-file which can directly be used with the technology module of TruTops Punch without subsequent work.

Moreover, TopsWorks allows mapping TruTops production patterns into SolidWorks forming tools, so that recurring production steps in TruTops Punch can be mapped with the SolidWorks forming tools. Subsequent work on TruTops Punch is not necessary.

TopsWorks provides the possibility to insert a bend table with bend parameters into the drawing document of a sheet metal part. Information like thickness, material, tools and bend parameters can also be made visible

The GEO-import, used for the generation of 3D models from stock data of a programming system, provides the migration of a stock data in form of GEO-files with bend information into native SolidWorks sheet metal parts and thus generates SolidWorks data. That way you can import and visualize the 2D files in form of 3D SolidWorks sheet metal parts.

Sheet metal parts, which were edited by TopsWorks, can be directly exported into the TRUMPF GEO-format for the TruTops production systems Laser, Bend and Punch. Usual steps like drawing generation of the flat projection, export as DXF-format, DXF-import to TruTops, possible contour processing and adding of bend information will not be necessary anymore.

The produced GEO-files include the contour information of the flat projection, the process data for bends as well as material and thickness information. Moreover included punch features can be converted into special attributes of the GEO-format.

The support of universal punch features within the GEO-export module offers the possibility to map TruTops Punch machining pattern to SolidWorks forming tools. That way recurring production steps with TruTops Punch can be mapped with the SolidWorks forming tools. Subsequent work on TruTops Punch is not necessary.

TopsWorks allows the setting of meta data during the GEO-export and also offers the user the possibility of a configurable transfer of meta data from TopsWorks / SolidWorks into the GEO-file. The data thereby can result from the SolidWorks properties like e.g. drawing number, tool number and account number.

Further support exists for more technology information like geometry information of bend lines (e.g. position, radius and angle), bend modes and bend techniques, which are also transferred.

Standard elements like rectangle, round, square but also special tools like e.g. single stroke tool and single dot mark point will be transmitted.

This interface offers the user better integration possibilities for the product development process. With automation of recurring processes the user can save a lot of time. E.g. it is possible to automatically generate a GEO-file of existing SolidWorks sheet metal parts and deploy it to a PDM system.

The TopsWorks table editor DataWizard allows editing and managing custom bend tables. That way the user has structured possibilities to influence the correction of SolidWorks bend parameters. This is an enhancement of standard SolidWorks functionality.

The 64bit support guarantees the smooth operativeness of the application even in context of very large assemblies.

Windows compliant installation including graphical installation assistant as well as support of central software distribution and actualization through Windows Installer technology.